Lutz Brinkmann's Homepage Selected Paintings
20 large format seascapes on canvas in acrylics 2020 - 2022 12 large watercolour seascape and flower paintings 2020 - 2022 6 more paintings, from various categories from 2020 - 2022 12 paintings with text, 2017-2019, acrylics on canvas, 80x60 cm 10 more paintings, as an add-on, from the 2010s 10 early bird paintings from 2003 - 2005 10 very early flower paintings, mostly late 90s, early 2000s 10 new paintings from 2023 (small selection) NEW +++ 20 paintings from the 2010s with text (selection, with notes) +++ NEW

I have produced somewhere in the range of 2000 paintings since 1998. This selection of roughly a hundred of them showcases changes in interest and ability during this time. I have, as a sidenote, not uploaded paintings of recognizable people, i.e. portraits etc. even though this has been my primary focus, still: you can extrapolate from paintings of myself and of people whose looks have changed, which I have included in this selection; other activities of mine: photography and writing books.

Still life and landscape photography - samples
Still life and landscape analogue photography 2010 Still life and landscape digital photography 2010 Still life and landscape photography 2011 - 2013 Still life and landscape photography 2014 - 2016 Still life and landscape photography 2017 - 2019 Still life and landscape photography 2020 - 2022 NEW +++ Still life and landscape photography 2009 - analogue / film +++ NEW

The intention of this is to showcase a portion of my photography - still life and landscape. My primary interest lies in portrait, situational, and action photography. I do not upload art or photography showing people, therefore the scope of this is limited and feels like showing a frame without the painting. Even so, selections within this genre of my photography can be put together in large amounts that go back to the 80s. I believe that this overview of the past 12 to 13 years is nonetheless representative and highlights my expertise and the way I go about doing things when using a camera. Each three year selection contains in the range of around 36 photos - formerly a roll of film. I was using film for most of 2010, so, as an idea, I have made two lists for that year to show the difference between analogue and digital.

Books (novels, poems, essays, autobiographical writings)
Das Rätsel des Eremiten (Roman, 2024) mit Leseprobe Die Puppenspielerin von Port Town (Roman, 2024) mit Leseprobe Die Reisen der Amazone (Roman, 2024) mit Leseprobe Sandown, Sandton, Johannesburg - My 70s Childhood in South Africa (2016) + reading sample Why Pyrrho Washes a Pig - An Essay on Greco-Roman Thought (2018) + reading sample Overview of other books written from 2004 until now NEU +++ Es ist immer Morgen (Lyrik, 2024) mit Leseprobe +++ NEW

I have written thirteen books so far, six in English and seven in German. More specifically, I've produced six novels (three in German, three in English), three volumes of poetry (two in German, one in English), one essay on Ancient philosophy (in English), two autobiographies (one in German, one in English) and one novella in German - added to this (but I'm not counting them) there are biographical accounts, poems and short stories that were published in the literary magazine of the German Studies Department in Heidelberg back to the early 1990s - and an extensive accompanying text to a volume of paintings.